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9 november 2007
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FAMILY FODDER : "La chanson de Craonne", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2007

FAMILY FODDER : La chanson de Craonne
collection : "Available"
ref : available 005
release date : 9 november 2007

1. La chanson de Craonne (MP3, 5,9 Mb)

Credits :
Dominique Levillain : Voice

Alig Fodder : Instruments

Produced by Alig Fodder

Cover and liner notes : Pol Dodu
Photo printed from a glass plate by J.C. Brouchard, early 1980s

First released on "Tender words" (Mini-CD, Dark Beloved Cloud, 11 november 2002)

Also available on Vivonzeureux! Records :
Laissez-faire, the best of Family Fodder volume 2


We commemorate on November 11 the 89th anniversary of the Armistice marking the end of the 1914-1918 war.
The preceding year, that makes it 90 years ago, the mutineers in the trenches of Le Chemin des Dames were singing La chanson de Craonne which, from Champagne to Verdun, had followed the soldiers from battle to battle since 1914.
Without even calling directly for revolt, the lyrics to the song express the refusal to march happily to a certain death. It was already too much for the authorities of a warring country...

On November 11 2002, Family Fodder released nearly-privately, on a mini-CD exclusively limited to the Dark Beloved Cloud singles club subscribers, their own version of La chanson de Craonne. It is this version, remixed and remastered, that Family Fodder has chosen to offer today as a free download on Vivonzeureux! Records. It is also an opportunity to celebrate another birthday, Alig Fodder's half-century !

Pol Dodu, November 2007.

PS : The cover photo was part of a cache of several dozens of photographic plates to be found in the dark room of a leisure center near Châlons in France in 1980 or 1981. Instead of just learning how to make photograms, J.C. Brouchard took time toprint some of them on paper. If you think you can help identify or date this document, please contact us.

You can listen online to the 1997 radio show "Là-bas si j'y suis" dedicated to La chanson de Craonne, in French, but with lots of archive soundbites and some versions of the chanson : part 1 and part 2.