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post-flood stereophonic pascal comelade discography

There is no official Pascal Comelade website (Oh, actually there is one now !). It is most probably on purpose and, after hearing him talk about his attitude towards technologies (on France Musiques radio shows mostly), you begin to understand why. Neither is there a fan website dedicated to Mr. Comelade, as far as I know. This is more surprising, because Mr. Comelade has many fans, and passionate ones too (you just have to check how much people are prepared to pay for his records on internet biddings : a copy of the Fall of Saigon recently fetched 230 € !).

This page is not the embryo of a site dedicated to Pascal Comelade. It is just intended as a help, so as not to get lost in Pascal Comelade's plethorical and cosmopolitan record production.
As for the 20th century, Pascal Comelade has done the task himself, in a magnificent manner, by publishing (in French) his "Ecrits monophoniques submergés" ("Monophonic submerged writings") in december 1999 (Published by Camion Blanc, on sale et the Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier website). It is a masterpice of the "music book" kind. Included are many pieces written by Comelade, which prove with each page that he has an undeniable talent as a writer, not only as a musician. Included too is a very detailed discography, commented and annoted by the author, and full of other information, lists and trivia.

On this page, we will only signal the records released by Pascal Comelade since the year 2000 that we have heard of. It seemed all the more useful to us as most of these records are not widely distributed.
Please tell us about any mistake or omission...
Pol Dodu, march 2005.

PS : The postface of our publication "Tu m'as trompette mon amour" is about Pascal Comelade, as well as our radio chronicle "Si vous passez par là" in Barcelona.

You can watch on Daily Motion or You Tube a five minute trailer for "Vidéographie polyfacétique", a documentary being directed by Olivier Cavaller about Pascal Comelade.

PASCAL COMELADE : Ecrits monophoniques submergés, Ed. Camion Blanc, 1999.

From September 27 to October 19 2008, on the occasion of the 20th International Record Fair, an exhibition dedicated to Pascal Comelade was held in Perpignan under the title "El discobol de Comelade". It presented Pascal Comelade's complete discography with posters, drawings and photographs. The exhibition catalogue was published by Trabucaire Editions. It is a beautiful full colour square book which documents Pascal Comelade's discography from 1975 to 2008. This book will probably be very quickly out of print so hurry if you want to grab a copy.
Considering the evr growing number of record releases by Pascal Comelade and the extremely limited number of some of the editions, I will concentrate from now on on listing releases that are effectively commercially available with a decent chance to get a hold of outside of Catalonia...
Pol Dodu, november 2008.

"El Discobol" de Comelade (Editions Trabucaire, 2008)

In November 2016, Le Mot et le Reste published the book Pascal Comelade : Une galaxie instrumentale by Pierre Hild.

  Year Title Artist credit Label Reference
2024 Funeste human nature

Pascal Comelade, Jac Berrocal, Vincent Epplay

Via Parigi VIA08

12 track LP.
Released in France.

2023 Ze trifasic mixture

Pascal Comelade - Lionel Limiñana - Marie Limiñana

Because Music BECXXXXXXX

2 track 10" EP.
Limited edition of 300 signed and numbered copies.
Extended versions of two tracks from "Boom boom", "Solo de boxe en conserve" and "Contorsionne-toi toi-même".
Released in France.

2023 Boom boom

Pascal Comelade - Lionel Limiñana - Marie Limiñana

Because Music BEC5612754 et BEC5612755

12 track CD or LP.
Released in France.

2023 Velvet Serenade

Pascal Comelade - Ramón Prats - Lee Ranaldo

Staubgold - Cougouyou Music staubgold 169 / cougouyou 22

6 track CD or LP.
Recorded live in Banyoles on April 28th 2022 on the occasion of the Staubgold label's 25th anniversary.
Released in France.

2023 Air de rien

Various Artists

InPolySons 0523

15 track 2 x LP.
One side for each of the artists, Pascal Comelade, Guigou Chenevier, Madame Patate & Klimperei and Toupidek Limonade.
The Comelade side features a 20 mn version of "Nothing but U".
Released in France.

2022 Le non-sens du rythme

Pascal Comelade

Because Music BEC5610721 & BEC5610722

10 track CD or LP.
Released in France.

2021 Hymne du MIAM

Pascal Comelade

Cougouyou Music cougouyou 18

2 track 7".
For the 20th birthday of the Musée International des Arts Modestes, a reissue of the MIAM hymn from 2000, sung by Général Alcazar.
The B side, "Rue rapide", a cover of Adriano Celentano's "Il ragazzo della via Gluck", is previously unreleased.
Released in France. On sale only at the museum or through Cougouyou Music.

2020 Le plan de Paris

Pascal Comelade & Richard Pinhas

Staubgold - Cougouyou Music staubgold 159 / cougouyou 16

6 track LP.
Limited edition of 500 copies.
Tracks are either previously unreleased, or were completely revisited, developed, remixed. "Third" is featured in this version on the CD issue of "Le cut-up populaire".
Released in France.

2020 En nom de la ferida

Ivette Nadal i Pascal Comelade

Right Here Right Now RHRNCD006

14 track CD.
11 original songs and three covers, of "Love too soon" (P.J. Harvey/Pascal Comelade), "Who'll stop the rain" (Creedence Clearwater Revival) and "Passejant per Barcelona" (Quico Pi de la Serra).
Released in Spain.

2020 Le cut-up populaire

Pascal Comelade

Because Music BEC5676465 & BEC5676466

28 track CD or 24 track double LP.
Album recorded between 2017 and 2020. Might be considered as the French issue for Deviationist muzak, but a year has passed :
13 tracks are new; 15 featured on the vinyl release of Deviationist muzak, but some have been reworked.
Released in France.

2020 Larme secrète

Pascal Comelade . Marc Hurtado

Klang Galerie GG334

8 track CD.
Original songs. Lyrics by Marc Hurtado.
Released in Austria.

2020 Sub-versions de salon vol. 2 Pascal Comelade Les Fondeurs de Briques ISBN 978-2-916749-54-9

25 track CD, sound supplement to the Le rien illustré book.
Compilation of covers.
Released in France.

2020 Les mémoires d'un ventriloque

Pascal Comelade

Staubgold - Cougouyou Music staubgold 153 / cougouyou 12

2 x 10" lp. 16 tracks.
Limited edition of 500 copies numbered and signed by Pascal Comelade.
Anthology of collaborations with singers recorded between 1981 and 2018. Contains reworked and unreleased titles.
Released in France.

2019 Lo-Rap-Muth

Bel Canto Orquestra - Pascal Comelade

Staubgold - Cougouyou Music staubgold 154 / cougouyou 13

4 track 7", presented as unreleased : two live with Bel Canto Orquestra, one from 2018 with Xarim Aresté and a cover of "Sheena is a punk rocker", which seems identical to the one released on "Concepte general de la quincalla catalana".
Limited edition of 300 copies.
Dedicated to Didier Banon (1959-2019).
Released in France.

2019 Deviationist muzak

Pascal Comelade

Discmedi DM 5348-01 & DM 5348-02

15 track CD or 23 track double LP.
Previously unreleased recordings made between 2017 and 2019.
Released in Spain.

2019 Alex Barbier chante Alex Barbier et
Pascal Comelade
Vert Pituite La Belle

6 track 45 rpm 10".
Tweaked reissue of the 2006 CD, minus 3 tracks and with added unreleased "Vals burlesco".
On sale here.

Released in France.

2018 Arquitectura primera

Pascal Comelade i Ivette Nadal

Discmedi DM9299-01 & DM9299-02

2 track 7" and CD ("Farem un foc" / "No sé on").
Limited edition of 300 copies for the 7".
"No sé on" is a version of "Love too soon".
Released in Spain.

2017 The curse of Santa Claus

The Limiñanas with Pascal Comelade

Snowflake Christmas Singles Club Snowflake 16

2 track 7" ("The curse of Santa Claus" / "Silent night").
Limited edition of 320 copies on white vinyl.
Released in the Netherlands.

2017 Deviationist muzak

Pascal Comelade


4 track 7" released for Week-end Fest 2017 in a 300 copies edition (200 on black vinyl plus 100 signés on transparent vinyl only available at the festival).
New recordings : 3 covers ("Billy The Monster" by The Deviants, "Black Is Black" by Los Bravos et "Sweet Virginia" by The Rolling Stones) and a new version of "Don't Touch My Blue Oyster Shoes".
Released in Germany.

2017 Paralelo (2017)

Pascal Comelade

Because Music

2 x LP + CD. Complete and expanded revisited reissue of the 1981 album.
Released in France.

2017 Le Rocanrolorama abrégé

Pascal Comelade

Because Music BEC5156811

CD or 2 x LP. 24 tracks. Abridged version of the now out of print box set, that was itself a shortened version of the complete discography !
Released in France.

2016 Rocanrolorama : 1974-2016

Pascal Comelade

Because Music BEC5156515

6 x CD. 165 tracks. 72 page booklet, plus a hand-numbered print. Edition of 1 000 copies.
Retrospective box set. Some tracks are previously unreleased, others were rerecorded or tweaked.
Released in France.

2016 Wings on rocks

Pascal Comelade

Cougouyou Music Cougouyou Music 2

3 track 7".
Contains Wings on rocks, from the music of the Bob Wilson ballet of the same title (1999), with Richard Pinhas on guitar, Despintura (a) fonica, a previously unreleased track from 2009, maybe linked to the Despintura fonica album from 2013, as well as a new version of The nothing twist, recorded with Les Limiñanas and Xarim Aresté on guitar.
Released in France.

2016 Carré noir sur fond noir

Armand Miralles - Pascal Comelade

Cougouyou Music Cougouyou Music 1

4 track 7".
These recordings date from 1980. At the time, three test-pressings were made, but this is the first commercially available edition of the record. Listen to Carré 2.
Released in France.

2016 L'argot du bruit

Pascal Comelade

Because Music BEC5156514 et BEC918

12 track lp + 12 track CD.
Revisited reissue of the 1998 album (also reduced to fit on an lp).
Includes 8 of the 15 tracks on the original album (Domisiladoré, Le soir du grand soir, Teresa, Si, La cuisson de vos cuisses, Maruxina and Le grand pianonasite are missing).
4 tracks are added : The great Ricardo Solfa and Featherhead (from Swing slang song), September song (from September song) and a probably previouysly unreleased version of Le soir du grand soir live in Barcelona in 2008.
Released in France.

2015 Concepte general de la quincalla catalana

Pascal Comelade

Discmedi DM 5201-02

20 track CD.
Previously unreleased in Spain recordings of Pascal Comelade compositions dating from 2012 to 2015, with an interference from 1974.
Includes large extracts from "El pianista del antifaz" and "Traité de guitares triolectiques".
Released in Spain.

2015 Sub-versions de salon La Metropolina del Riff Parasite PAR 013

3-track CD-R, in a 300 copies edition.
Released in France.

2015 Traité de guitares triolectiques (à l'usage des portugaises ensablées)

Pascal Comelade + Les Liminanas

Because Music BEC5156006 et BEC5156017

14 track lp + 16 track CD or 16 track CD.
1 track exclusive to the lp, Lord of Flashington. 3 tracks exclusive to the CD, Ramblin' rose, Yesterday man and I'm dead.
Released in France.

2014 Pop songs del Rossello

Pascal Comelade et Gérard Jacquet

Discmedi DM5141-02

16 track CD.
Compilation of 16 the 30 tracks released on both volumes of Pop songs del Rossello in 2000 and 2001.
Released in Spain.

2014 Poèmes de 1940

Jordi Pere Cerda

Discmedi DM5143-02

18 poems by Jordi Pere Cerda written in Cerdanya in 1940 and recorded by him in 2008. With musical accompaniment by Pascal Comelade.
See below in 2008 the book-record Del temps / Instants.
Released in Spain.

2014 My degeneration : Electronics 1974-1983

Pascal Comelade

Vniyl-On-Demand VOD 130

53 track 5 x LP. Limited edition.
Compilation of Pascal Comelade's first years: Fluence, Paralelo, Sentimientos, Séquences païennes, Ready-made andIrregular organ / Musique par correspondance.
The fifth record includes the premier first Bel Canto Orquestra concert in Montpellier on October 28th 1983, as well as two tracks from Slow musics.
Released in Germany.

2014 Musica pop a Catalunya, vol. 2

Pascal Comelade

Discmedi DM5122-02

30 track CD of popular music from Catalogne. Contains recent recordings from 2013 and 2014 (including both tracks from the 2013 single), but also recordings from 1988 to 2004, among which tracks from the projects Pop songs del Rosselo, Improperis, Hiparxiologi del plat combinat and Un tal jazz.
This is also Volume 2 of Col.lecció-Nord, a new Catalan label. Available as a standalone release or as part of a box set containing the first four volumes of the collection.
Released in Spain.

2014 El Steinway a la guillotina Pascal Comelade Discmedi DM 5130-02

16 track CD, live with the Bel Canto Orquestra from 2006 to 2010.
Reissue of the album that came with the "Lo piano vermell" comic, with 2 tracks omitted ("Egyptian reggae" and "Lumpen harmony") and 6 added
("El rei de la magia", "El pianista de l'antifaz", "Pim pam pum al concepte", "Strip tease de mosques en patinet", "Under my thumb" and "L'argot del soroll").
Released in Spain.

2013 Avis aux inventeurs d'épaves Pascal Comelade Because Music BEC5161638

168 pages book + 2 x 7" single (8 tracks), in an edition of 300 numbered copies.
The book contains 166 paintings by Pascal Comelade, his own re--interpretations/imitations of 7" records and sleeves.
Both singles compile mostly previously released covers.
Preview of the book.
Released in France.

2013 Mosques de colors

Pascal Comelade & Pau Riba

Discmedi DM 5088

11 track CD, ten new songs, of which 9 in Catalan and 1 in French, and a new recording of "Taxista", which gave its title to Pau Riba's very first EP.
Released in Spain.
(Merci à Rémi B.)

2013 Despintura Fonica Comelade / Barcelo Parasite PAR 012 ?

8 track LP, in an edition of 200 copies.
Pascal Comelade solo, and with the Bel Canto Orquestra and the Cobla Sant Jordi.
The cover is a folded poster featuring a portrait of Pascal Comelade by the painter Miquel Barcelo.
On sale exclusively at the Maria Dos gallery.

Released in France.

2013 Paseo de Céret / Ball de Céret Pascal Comelade + Cobla Sant Jordi + Simon de Céret Parasite PAR 011

2 track CD, The halucinogenic espontex sinfonia (El paseo de Céret) / El ball de Céret, in an edition of 150 numbered copies.
On sale at the Maria Dos gallery.

Released in France.

2013 Disque rayé Pascal Comelade Parasite PARASITE RECORDS 009

7", in an edition of 50 numbered copies.
100th anniversary of the first ready-made.
On sale at the Maria Dos gallery.
Released in France.

2013 El pianista del antifaz Pascal Comelade Because Music BEC5161397

16 track LP+CD or CD.
Released in France.

2013 Flip side (of sophism) Pascal Comelade - Richard Pinhas G3G G3PC11

8 track CD.
Includes"Back to schizo", from"Oblique sessions, vol. 2" and several unreleased tracks recorded in 2011 and 2012 between Paris and Barcelona.
Limited edition of 1000 copies. Cover art by Lluís Juncosa.
Released in Spain.
(Merci à Thierry B.)

2013 Vidéos, compilationsPC 79-92 Pascal Comelade Galletto 978-2859390020

20 track CD, from 1982-1992, enclosed with the 84 pages catalogue-book "Vidéos, compilations PC 79-92" by Thierry Galettto.
Limited edition of 400 copies signed by Pascal Comelade
Released in France.

(Merci à Rémi B. et Dominique F.)

PASCAL COMELADE : "4 rock 'n' roll hits", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2012

2012 4 rock 'n' roll hits Pascal Comelade Vivonzeureux! Not available 024

4 track 7".
Virtual record blending primitive rock and repetitive music on four covers.
Released in France.

2011 Somiatruites

Albert Pla - Pascal Comelade

Boa 230BOA1139

2 x CD 8 + 10 tracks.
Somiatruites, is originally the title of a live show with Albert Pla, Pascal Comeladeand a little puppet orchestra, which was performed many times in Spain in 2010 and 2011. The 18 tracks on the CD are sung in catalan and castillan with new and old music by Pascal Comelade.
Released in Spain.

2011 Pascal Comelade & Cobla Sant Jordi

Pascal Comelade & Cobla Sant Jordi

Discmedi DM 4928-02

10 track CD, chosen from Pascal Comelade's 1990-2010 body of work and reinterpreted by PC, Pep Pascual, Ivan Martinez,Oriol Luna and the Cobla Sant Jordi.
Released in Spain.

2011 Fall of Saigon Fall of Saigon Gazul GA 8851

13 track CD.
Reissue of the 1982 12" single with 7 bonus tracks : 2 from 1981, 3 from 1982 and 3 from 1984, including live covers of Kraftwerk's "The model" , The Television Personalities' "Part time punks" and The Doors' "The end".
Released in France.

2011 Psicotic music'hall Pascal Comelade Because B004JP8O28

2 x CD, 15 + 10 tracks.
The first true reissue of a record from this list. it is the French issue of this 2002 album, with the same tracks in a different sequence plus "Un train direct puor Charenton" as a bonus. It now comes with a live Bel Canto Orquestra CD recorded in Barcelona on September 30th 2008 (Auditori) and in Paris on October 15th 2009 (Beaubourg).
Released in France. (Thanks to Dominique F.)

2010 N'ix

Casasses i Comelade

Discmedi DM 4895-02

13 track CD + DVD with a concert filmed in Sabadell in May 2010 and the Olivier Cavaller documentary, A skatalan musical eclectic show.
Released in Spain.

2010 L'aurore F. W. Murnau Carlotta Films B0045KAYKC

2 DVD.
Among the bonus features on DVD 2, there is a film by Pierre Guy, "Retour à Murnau" (26 min, 1981), with music by Pascal Comelade, his first film music.
Released in France.

2010 Montpellier Gérard Pansanel avec Pascal Comelade & Pep Pascual Al Sur ascd 019

14 track CD.
Released in France. (Thanks to Dominique F.)

2010 Enregistrements PC 75-90 Pascal Comelade  

19 track CD, from 1975-1984 and preiously unreleased on CD, enclosed with the 72 pages catalogue-book "Enregistrements PC 75-90" by Thierry Galettto.
Limited edition of 400 copies signed by Pascal Comelade. Foreword by Guy Barral.
Released in France.
Source : Article from Le Midi libre du 29 juillet 2010 (Thanks to Jean-François G.)

2009 Anthologie du projet MW Pascal Comelade Aencrages & Co 978-2-35439-014-3

8 track CD, of which 6 by Pascal Comelade (none previously unreleaed), enclosed in the book of the same title.
Released in France.
More info (Thanks to Dominique F.)

2009 El rey de la gamba Pascal Comelade Because Music BEC5772543

2 track 45 rpm 7".
The title track from "A freak serenade" and "I can't control myself" on the B side.
Sleeve art by Pascal Comelade.
Released in France.

2009 la coquille et le clergyman Germaine Dulac Light Cone  

DVD + Book.
"La coquille et le clergy man", the silent film by Germaine Dulac (1927, 40 mn), with a screenplay by Antonin Artaud, is available here in its restaured original version with three different musical accompaniments, one of them by Pascal Comelade.
Released in France.

2009 A freak serenade Pascal Comelade Because Music B001GLHS70

14 track CD.
French release of "Friki serenata".
"Improperis serenata (Pop Rossello)" is replaced by "L'enterrament de les sardines" and "Sans les mains!".

Released in France.

2009 Friki serenata Pascal Comelade Discmedi

13 track CD.
Spanish release of "A freak serenade".
"L'enterrament de les sardines" et "Sans les mains!" sont remplacés par "Improperis serenata (Pop Rossello)".
Released in Spain.

2009 La catedral d'escuradents Pascal Comelade Discmedi

4 x CD + 2 booklets.
"Definitive compilation" of Pascal Comelade's recorded output from 1992 to 2002.
Released in Spain.

2008 Nosaltres i els agermanats Pascal Comelade Tinta Invisible Edicions

One-sided 1-track 7" picture disc, in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies.
Released in Spain.

2008 Nosaltres i els agermanats Perejaume Enric Casasses Pascal Comelade Tinta Invisible Edicions

One-sided 5-track 10" lp, in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies.
Texts written and read by Perejaume and Enric Casasses. Musical accompaniment by Pascal Comelade and Pep Pascual.

Released in Spain.

2008 The no dancing Pascal Comelade Because Music B001GLHS70

20 track CD.
Sub-titled "The best of Pascal Comelade".

Retrospective compilation of tracks from the albums "Danses et Chants de Syldavie", "Musique pour Films vol. 2", "L’Argot Du Bruit", "Psicotic Music’hall", "Métode de Rocanrol" or previously anthologised on "Monofonicorama".
Released in the United Kingdom.

2008 Compassio pel dimoni Pascal Comelade EDR / Discmedi DM 1246

8 track CD enclosed with the november 2008 issue n° 157 of the Enderrock magazine.
The eight tracks are Rolling Stones covers, five of them previously unreleased ("8 stoned sub-versions).
Cover photo and 8 pages dedicated to Pascal Comelade in the magazine.
Released in Spain.

2008 Del temps / Instants Jordi Pere Cerdá, Patrick Loste & Pascal Comelade Voix Editions 2-914640-78-1

Book and record combo.
11 poems from 1940 by Jordi Pere Cerdá, in Catalan and in French.
Original paintings by Patrick Loste.
The CD-R contains one 10 minute track : Jordi Pere Cerdá reads 13 poems, with musical accompaniment by Pascal Comelade.
Released in France.
Thanks to Jacques.

2008 Lo piano vermell & El Steinway a la guillotina Pascal Comelade Discmedi DM 4585 LI

Book and record combo.
A comic by Max starring Pascal Comelade ("Lo piano vermell") and a CD of the Bel Canto Orquestra recorded live in 2006 ("El Steinway a la guillotina").
Released in Spain.

2008 En directe a la Plaça del Sol 22-08-1985 Bel Canto Orchestra Parasite PARASITE 008

11 track CD, in an edition of 200 numbered copies.
Live recording of the Bel Canto Orquestra in Barcelona as part of the Festa Major de Gracia.
Released in Spain.

2008 Le chanson douce Raph Dumas & Pascal Comelade feat. Lou Enjoy ENJ011

2 track 45 rpm 7".
Titles : "Le chanson douce"/"Le chanson douce" (Soul edit).
The cover art references a French EP by The Thirtheen Floor Elevators.

A refreshing video can be viewed here.
Infos : www.myspace.com/raphdumas
Released in France.

2008 Mètode de rocanrol Pascal Comelade Discmedi DM 4475-02

18 track CD.
Spanish release of the album, different from the French one, like with "Piscotic music'hall".
Logically, the three tracks previously relased in Spain on "Espontex sinfonia", "The halucinogenic espontex sinfonia", "Le barman de Satan" and "Com un rossinyol amb mal de queixal", have been removed, in favour of seven new tracks, including several covers.
Released in Spain.

2007 Mètode de rocanrol Pascal Comelade Because Music Because0172

14 track CD.
Previously unreleased, including a new version of "Il luna-park galactico", except three tracks previously released in Spain on "Espontex sinfonia", "The halucinogenic espontex sinfonia", "Le barman de Satan" and "Com un rossinyol amb mal de queixal".
Album's blo
Released in France.

2007 Monofonicorama Pascal Comelade Because Music 3124232

25 track CD, in a limited numbered edition.
Subtitled "Best-Off (?) 2005-1992", it is a retrospective of these years.
Released in France.

2007 Abril 04 Lluis Llach i Pascal Comelade EDR  

4 track CD enclosed with the march 2007 issue n° 137 of the Enderrock magazine.
Recorded live at the Theater Jardi in Figueres on april 3 2004.
Tracks : "Abril 74", "I si canto trist", "L'argot del soroll" et "Cant miner (Cançó sense fi)".
Released in Spain.

2006 Alex Barbier chante Alex Barbier et
Pascal Comelade
Foyer Laïque de Fillols

8 track CD, in a limited edition of 350 signed numbered copies, 100 of which are not for sale, released in conjonction with the 10th festival plouc de BD de Fillols (22-23 july 2006).
Six tracks by Fréhel, Damia and Yvette Guilbert sung by Alex Barbier accaompanied by Pascal Comelade on piano, plus two instrumental cuts.
On sale here.
Released in France.

2006 Bar electric Pascal Comelade G"G G3PC9

4 CD box set with 70 titles, in a limited numbered edition of 1000 copies.
Subtitled "Pascal Comelade 1975-2005", it is of course a retrospective of the first thirty years of Pascal Comelade's recorded output.
Released in Spain.

2006 Ceret de toros Pascal Comelade
Cobla Mil.lenària

CD, in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Music by Pascal Comelade, played by the Cobla Mil.lenària, original paintings by Claude Viallat.
Released in France.

2006 Stranger in paradigm Pascal Comelade Vand'oeuvre 0630
6 track 10 inch vinyl record, in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies, released in conjonction with the Musique Action festival in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy (15-28 may 2006.
Three tracks are previously released ("The blank invasion of schizofonics bikinis", "I love Joan Jett" and "Mother of earth"). The other three are previously unreleased : "Sheena is a punk rocker", "Sweet little sixteen" (live 1991) and "Russian roulette" (live 2005).
Released in France.
2006 Espontex sinfonia Pascal Comelade Discmedi DM 4147-02

Fifteen previously unreleased tracks, included four created in 2004 for the play "La plaça del diamant", and two created also in 2004 choregraphy "Psitt psitt", a new version of a ballet created by Erik Satie over a hundred years ago.
Two cuts are played by coblas (brass bands), including a new version of"Sardana dels desemparats". Also of note is an electric cover of The Gun Club's "Mother of earth".
Released in Spain.

2006 La manera més salvatge

Enric Casasses
Pascal Comelade

Discmedi DM 4148-02

13 track CD.
For years, Pascal Comelade and the poet Enric Casasses have performed together. Until now, the recorded evidence of this collaboration made available has only been very partial or released very confidentially. Here, we have on a full album recorded late 2005 the association of Enric Casasses, who tells his poems and plays triangle, with Pascal Comelade and his musician friends. The biggest surprise here is that a good half of the record has an electric rock sound (electric bass, drums, electric guitar, Farfisa organ). The music is by Pascal Comelade, but there are also a few covers (among them "Knockin' on heaven's door", "I can't control myself" or the final track, "Purple haze", played by a brass band).
Released in Spain.

PASCAL COMELADE "Sommer vorm Balkon", Normal Records, 2005 2005 Sommer vorm Balkon Pascal Comelade & various artists Normal N 285 CD

Original soundtrack of the film. The twelve Pascal Comelade titles it includes, from reading the list, are most probably a compilation of previously released tracks covering nearly twenty years of Pascal Comelade releases, from "4 rroses pour Marie" to "Sense el resso del dring". The other half of the soundtrack is a compilation of various artists without any relation to Comelade.
Released in Germany.

PASCAL COMELADE & LE BEL CANTO ORQUESTRA "Sardanes à Vernet-les-Bains", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2005

2005 Sardanes à Vernet-les-Bains Pascal Comelade & le
Bel Canto Orquestra
Vivonzeureux! Not available 011

Virtual record recorded live in Vernet-les-Bains on July 6 2005.

2004 Espace détente Pascal Comelade V2 VVR1031412
Original soundtrack of the film, made up mainly of previously unreleased Pascal Comelade tracks.
Released in France.
2004 Back to Schizo 1975-1983 Pascal Comelade Gazul GA 8679

Compilation of tracks culled from the "Fluence", "Paralelo", and "Sentimientos" records.
Released in France.

2004 La filosofia del plat combinat Pascal Comelade Discmedi Blau DM 900-02

Compilation of live and studio tracks, some of them previously unreleased.
Released in Spain.

As far as I know, this is NOT the cover art for the "Cafe completo" record ! 2003 Cafe expresso Pascal Comelade Matador

Ten track compilation released with the annual magazine Matador (Letter G, december 2003).
It seems most tracks were previously available, except maybe "La phonométrie châtiant les hérétiques".
The magazine with its CD is on sale on the publishers website, La Fabrica Editorial.
Released in Spain.

2003 Musica pop (Danses de Catalunya nord) Pascal Comelade G3G G3PC8
Instrumental covers of traditional Catalan tunes.
Released in Spain.
2003 Logicofobisme del piano en minuscul Pascal Comelade and his
play toy orchestra
KRTU ISBN 84-95951-52-5

15 track record included in the printed catalogu of the "Pascal Comelade and his play toy orchestra" exhibition, shown at Barcelona's Contemporay Cultural Center in 2004.
The record is a compilation of tracks recorded with toy instruments, all previously released.
The discography included in this catalogue is one of the information sources used for this page.
Released in Spain.

2002 Psicotic music'hall Pascal Comelade Delabel 7243 8124272 8

French release of this album, with a few discrepancies in the track listing compared with the Spanish version :
namely, three missing tracks ("Benvingut a la societat de l'espectacle", "Zas llast vals" and "Il Luna-park galactico (Paso-triple)"),
two added tracks ("A hard mortadello's a-gonna filemon fall" and "Contre le style"),
not to mention "Al pianista della bodega bohemia" which is retitled "Mieux que ses seins, ses bas se tiennent" !

2002 Psicotic music'hall Pascal Comelade Delabel 7243 8124271 1

10" vinyl record, released in France, featuring "To de damnit ornette to be", "Sense el resso del dring" and "Un train direct pour Charenton".

2002 Psicotic music'hall Pascal Comelade Virgin 8119472

15 track CD.
Original Spanish release.

2002 Sense el resso del dring Pascal Comelade Virgin DRAC 026

Spanish promo CD single. B side : "Al pianista della bodega bohemia".

2001 La isla del holandés Pascal Comelade
y José Manuel Pagan
Discmedi Blau DM 620-02

Original soundtrack of the film. Half the tracks are previously unreleased Pascal Comelade compositions.
The other half is composed by José Manuel Pagan and is not played by Pascal Comelade.
Released in Spain.

2001 Pop songs del Rossello 2 Pascal Comelade
Gérard Jacquet
Octave / Editions Trabucaire Pop songs del Rossello 2
Second record of covers of popular songs from the Roussillon region sung by Gérard Jacquet.
One track available for download at the Editions Trabucaire website.
Released in France.
2000 September song Pascal Comelade
with Robert Wyatt
Les disques du soleil et de l'acier / Delabel 7243 8496562 4
7 track mini-CD. The "September song" cover is sung by Robert Wyatt.
Released in France and in Japan.
2000 Pop songs del Rossello Gérard Jacquet
& Pascal Comelade
Octave / Editions Trabucaire 2-912966-39-6

Covers of popular songs from the Roussillon region sung by Gérard Jacquet.
For those who are lazy or in a hurry, the last track is a vrey good and practical summary of the record.

More info on Blogonzeureux!.

One track available for download at the Editions Trabucaire website.

Released in France.

2000 André le Magnifique et autres thèmes Pascal Comelade Les disques du soleil et de l'acier 7243 8 49346 2 0
Original soundtrack for the film "André le magnifique",
followed by 3 tracks written for
Ryohei Kondo's "Spring man" ballet
and by 6 tracks written for
Cesc Gelabert's "Zumzum-ka" ballet.

2000 Contribution sonore au musée international des arts modestes Pascal Comelade
Général Alcazar

3 track CD (L'hymne au MIAM, Welcome to Maudits Waters, L'ascenseur).
When it works, you can listen to these songs in certain places at the Musée international des arts modestes inSète.

Released in France.

2000 Pastis catalan Pascal Comelade Octave
Music for the Museum of Modern Art in Céret.
Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.
Released in France.

1999 Aigua de Florida
Classes de música a la granja
Pascal Comelade
Llorenç Balsach
Cave Canis #9

CD released in Spain in conjunction with the publishing of the 9th issue of Barcelonian magazine "Cave Canis".
On June 15th 1999, at the presentation show of the magazine, Enric Casasses and Pascal Comelade presented "Aigua de Florida" (texts told by E.C., accompanied by P.C. on toy piano : read the piece about that night in the
Barcelona Review).
That same evening, Llorenç Balsach presented the works of his "Classes de música a la granja".
Ass for Pascal Comelade & Enric Cassasses, four tracks are on the CD : "L'argot del soroll" and"Via-Crucis del Rocanrol", available on other releases, and "Semàfor dels desamparats" and "Música per al Museu del Joguet de Figueres", that i didn't know, but I should think that the last named is also featured on "Pastis catalan".
These tracks are available as free MP3 downloads here.