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december 22 2005
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GEORGES JOUVIN "Georges, viens souffler le rock", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2005

Georges, viens souffler le rock

collection : "Not available"
ref : not available 012
release date : december 22 2005

Credits :
All titles originally released by La Voix de son Maître except 13 by Trianon.
Compiled by Pol Dodu.
Cover photo : Stéphane de Bourgies, www.bourgies.com.

1. I dig rock and roll music
Written by : Paul Stookey, James Mason, Dave Dixon
Originally by :Peter, Paul and Mary in 1967
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 985, album SHTX 340.542

2. Quatre garçons dans le vent (A hard day's night)
Written by : John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney
Originally by : The Beatles in 1964
Originally in France by : Les Lionceaux, Franck Alamo, John William
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 744

3. Le téléfon
Written by : Nino Ferrer
Originally by : Nino Ferrer in 1967
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 967, album SHTX 340.380

4. (I can't get no) Satisfaction
Written by : M. Jagger / K. Richard, C. Moine
Originally by :The Rolling Stones in 1965
Originally in France by : Eddy Mitchell
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 856

5. A tout casser
Written by : G. Aber / J. Hallyday - T. Brown
Originally by : Johnny Hallyday in 1967
Jouvin release originally on : album SHTX 340.799

6. J'ai mon badge
Written by : G. Jouvin, J. Moutet, J. Grelbin, G. Bertret
Originally by : Georges Jouvin in 1966
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 951

7. Black is black (Noir c'est noir)
Written by : M. Grainger - S. Wadey, T. Hayes adapt. G. Aber
Originally by : Los Bravos in 1966
Originally in France by : Johnny Hallyday
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 921, album FELP 317

8. Georges, viens danser le rock
Written by : Jo Moutet
Originally by : Georges Guétary in 1958
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 239, album FELP 172

9. Hey pony (Pony time)
Written by : Chubby Checker
Originally by : Don Covay in 1961
Originally in France by : Les Chaussettes Noires
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 551, album FFLP 1152

10. Avec une poignée de terre (A hundred pounds of clay)
Written by : Bob Elgin / Kay Rogers / Luther Dixon / Rudi Revil / Monique Roblin
Originally by : Gene McDaniels in 1961
Originally in France by : Johnny Hallyday, Richard Anthony, Dalida
Jouvin release originally on : album FFLP 1152

11. Réveil rock (Reveille rock)
Written by : King Conatser
Originally by : Johnny & the Hurricanes in 1959
Originally in France by : Trumpet Boy
Jouvin release originally on : album FFLP 1141

12. Let's go
Written by : L. et R. Duncan
Interprètes originaux : The Routers, The Ventures in 1962
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 868

13. Let's do't (En frappant dans nos mains)
Written by : J. Moutet, G. Jouvin - J. Demarny
Originally by : Georges Jouvin in 1966
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 868, album FELP 307
this here version, sung by Dominique, was released under her own name by Trianon (EP 4563 ets, album 5396 TRS)

14. Fille sauvage (Ruby Tuesday)
Written by : M. Jagger et K. Richard adapt. Richard Anthony
Originally by : The Rolling Stones in 1967
Originally in France by : Richard Anthony
Jouvin release originally on : album SHTX 340.380

15. Sunny afternoon
Written by : Ray Davies
Originally by : The Kinks in 1966
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 921

16. Garde-moi la dernière danse (Save the last dance for me)
Written by : A. Salvet and F. Llenas - Doc Pomus and Mort Schuman
Originally by : The Drifters in 1960
Originally in France by : Dalida, etc.
Jouvin release originally on : EP EGF 524, album FFLP 1145

After "Tu m'as trompette mon amour", the discographical love story we dedicated to him, Vivonzeureux! comes back to Georges Jouvin, the man with the golden trumpet, this time with a selection of his songs plucked in the rock songbook.
Let me make things clear, Georges Jouvin is not and has never been a rocker. He is a popular trumpet player, and as such, over a period of roughly thirty years from the mid-fifties to the mid-eighties, he tackled nearly every genre of popular music, from greatest classical tunes to disco, including French chanson, jazz and every single sub-genre of the period, from twist to monkiss. So, on his way, he also dealt with rock songs, most of the time after they were made popular in France by covers in French by pop singers. So, there's a great line-up of cf people covered here, from Johnny & The Hurricanes to The Kinks, including The Beatles and The Rolling Stones of course.

We have only selected songs recorded before 1971, and we have picked the ones that pleased our ears most, or made them laugh the most. It is obvious that most of these songs would be better if the trumpet was erased from them !
The oldest song here is "Georges, viens danser le rock" ("Georges, come dance the rock"), from 1958. As it is signed by Jo Moutet, Jouvin's arranger, I thought for some time that it was an original, especially as the lyrics seem tailored for him. It is only recently that I learned that it was actually originally a single B side released by Mr. Guétary, whose first name is also Georges !! Thre are two more "originals" in this set, the excellent "J'ai mon badge" and "Let's do't", an interesting case of an unashamed rip-off, as you can find on the same side of the "Dansez le monkiss" EP a song called "Let's go", made famous by The Ventures, and "Let's do't", credited to Jo Moutet and Georges Jouvin, which is strictly and simply an identical song to "Let's go" !! I think they didn't even bother to change the backing vocals from "Let's go" to "Let's do't . And of course, when this song was used on other releases, liike the one here sung by Dominique, it's always "Let's do't" that is credited, not "Let's go".
French labels used another way to keep some of the publishing rights in France : very often, the person responsible for adapting the lyrics into French is credited, even when the cover is an instrumental, like it is the case with nearly all Jouvin records !

Georges Jouvin has made few Stones covers, and many more by The Beatles, probablly because their songs were more accessible, but also because Jouvin was on the same label as The Beatles. Still, one of the few times you can clearly hear an electric guitar on a Jouvin record is of course on "Satisfaction". "La voix de son maître" achieved quite a feat by uniting The Beatles and The Stones on the cover art of the "Spécial Jouvin" EP (EGF 744), since the photo that they used to illustrate "A hard day's night " is clearly a touched-up picture of The Stones !!
The Georges Jouvin orchestra had a very groovy sound around 1966-1967, that's why the majority of the songs we selected are from this period. The organ is particularly present on these recordings, sometime dialoguing with the saxophone. But the golden trumpet never strays far away from the spotlight...!

Pol Dodu, december 2005.