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august 9 2009
I want to go back home
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JC BROUCHARD :"Your good guy's gonna go bald", Vivonzeureux! Records, 2009

JC BROUCHARD : Your good guy's gonna go bald
collection : "Not available"
ref : not available 020
release date : august 9 2009
format : 7" single

Side A : Your good guy's gonna go bald
by JC Brouchard from Your good girl's gonna go bad, by B. Sherrill and G. Sutton)

Side B : I'm waiting for my wife
(adapted by
JC Brouchard from I'm waiting for the man, by Lou Reed)

Credits :
Produced by JC Brouchard.
Recorded in Mareuil-sur-Ay and Nantes, July 2009.
JC Brouchard is backed by The Ghosts of American Musiconauts Orchestra.
Guest star on Your good guy's gonna go bald : Phil Rogers, pedal steel guitar.

Cover design and liner notes : JC Brouchard
Cover photo : Denis Hallinan

When I listen to songs in English, I usually try to decipger the lyrics and often to translate them to French. Long ago, this translation habit led me to record Bébé Tchernobyl. In the near future, maybe I'll end up recording my covers album JC va campagne, in reference to Jonathan Richman's Jonathan goes country.
But sometimes, before switching from English to French, my mind skids and starts going awry, changin a word here or a letter there in the lyrics of a song.
That's what happened recently, first with Your good girl's gonna go bad, the title song of Tammy Wynette's first album in 1967, covered in an instrumental version by Richman : this is no coincidence.
The original song sees the cleancut girl threaten her guy to actually go bad, if really he prefers girls with a dissolute life. While trying to change the lyrics to sing them from the point of view of a man, I came to Your good guy's gonna go bald, a metaphysical warning which seemed to me full of teachings :

He'll change even if it makes you unhappy
From then on you're gonna see a different him
Because your good guy's gonna go bald
He's gonna have the shyniest baldhead no one's ever had
If you like'em spruced up wigged up then you ought to be glad
Cause your good guy's gonna go bald

You won't be surprised to learn that the lyrics for I'm waiting for my wife came to me one day while I was waiting outside a shop for Mrs Brouchard, singing to myself I'm waiting for the man by The Velvet underground. I ended up with this :

I'm waiting for my wife
Twenty-six minutes just in this shop
Then the next one, 2, 3, 5
Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive
I'm waiting for my wife
Here she comes, arms full of bags
Three pairs of shoes and some chocolate
She's never early, she's always late
First thing you learn is you always gotta wait
I'm waiting for my wife

JC Brouchard, August 2009.