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february 6th 2018
Je veux retourner à  la maison
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Before being a webzine and generating a blog, Vivonzeureux! (en attendant la mort...) was first a radio show broadcast from 1989 in Reims on La Radio Primitive, then a photocopied fanzine distributed from hand to hand in a very limited number.
As the webzine is nearing its tenth birthday in march 2007, we are happy to supply you with downloadable versions of five of the six issues of the fanzine (in French...). A good part of the articles in the first three issues were never reprised in the webzine.

fanzine n° 1 - novembre 1994

fanzine n° 2 - août 1995

fanzine n° 3- septembre 1996

fanzine n° 4- septembre 1998

fanzine n° 5- septembre 1999

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