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21 december 2007
Je veux retourner à  la maison
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In the Autumn of 2004, I committed myself to produce a three-minute weekly chronicle dor La Radio Primitive in Reims, broadcast from somewhere else in th whole wide world.
This meant an awful number of miles to travel and a real challenge, especially as I'm not particularly keen on travelling !
Very soon I had the notion of sending my big sister Paulette in my stead to travel the wolrd over and bring back these primitive reports. Paulette didn't mind travelling at all, fromNantes to Montbard via Chakulia or Midden-Drenthe, on the one condition that she cold take with her at all times her colouring pens and drawings pads that she filled endlessly in hotel rooms, in airport halls and anywhere she passed through.
On her retunr, after these chronicles stopped early in 2006, Paulette showed me her pads and I thought that, although her drawings were not figurative at all, they conveyed something of the mood and wonders of her travels as they were recounted in the "Si vous passez par là..." chronicles.
That's how, little by little, the idea came to me to superimpose Paulette's drawings with the chronicles themselves in order to create this hybrid, sort of an impage booke you can read or texts that you can watch.
Pol Dodu, décembre 2007.

Texts : Pol Dodu
Drawings : Paulette Dodu
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